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Autumn Equinox Music Circle

Hosted by Karen

This Autumn, as the leaves begin to change, we are also changing things up...

This September 22, Karen from Music Circle the Magical Journey is with us facilitating a night of vibration, sound, transformation, and self healing! Through a group setting you will heal yourself by making music!

This event does have similarities to drum circles but it is not the same thing; it is a lot more fluid and contains many other instruments, including your voice. We will gather with a variety of musical instruments to share energy and send healing to where it is most needed.

You are encouraged to bring your own instruments if you have them, as we love having new instruments and new energy to play with. We also have LOTS of instruments to share, we just ask that you treat ours with respect.

After the magical circle, you are invited to visit and share space with like minded individuals around the bonfire. There may also be a crystal or two for you to take home with you!


Please bring a chair or blanket and anything that makes you comfortable, as we are outside this evening! Extra chairs will be provided for those who need it.

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022

Time: 6:30-8:30pm (18:30-20:30)

Price: Suggested donation is $6

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