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Kids' Day at Baba's ArT HauS

Hosted by Hippy & Witchy and Baba's ArT HauS

Finally a day for the KIDS! We invite the kids to Baba's Art Haus for a day of discovery and spiritual exploration!

Kid's Day will consist of 3 separate events. Attend just one event for $40 each or attend them all for $111. We provide ALL items needed for the day's activities. We do not provide lunches or supper and we ask that you register before so we know how many supplies are needed. These are all ages but be aware of the activities in each event before registering your child to make sure it's age appropriate for them.

Event one : Spirit Animal Art 10am - 12 pm

Let us guide you to your spirit animal and explore who they are and what they look like. We will be creating art pieces around what we discover to connect with them on a deeper level.

Event two : Discover Yourself 1pm - 4pm

Discover your talents and awaken your gifts by trying new things and exploring music, dance, art, witchcraft and more! This is a great way to find new hobbies or experience things you may not have the chance to. We will be playing with ukulele's, drums, doing a little ritual, exploring energy work and of course art!

Event three : Positive Vibes For Kids 5pm - 8pm

Ever wonder if you're psychic and if so how to build on those skills? In this mini class we will discover which psychic abilities you have and show you how to develop the others. We will cover how to protect yourself spiritually, check you chakra's and give your friends Aura Readings. We will be learning about self love, confidence and loving your flaws to keep your vibrations high!

Contact either Baba's Art Haus or Hippy and Witchy to secure your space.


Date: Sunday, August 27, 2023

Time: 10:00am-8:00pm (10:00-20:00)


    - $111 for all three events

    - $40 for one of the events

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