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Parenting 666 

Hosted by TEA

Have you thought about having kids? Are you thinking about having kids? Are you on the fence? If so, let us help you get off and help you decide if those little guys are right for you! I'm a parent and a metal-head and this is my take on parenting! We will be discussing everything and anything you should know about birth, babies, bottles, and how this choice affects the rest of your life, and the lives of all those around you!!!

Growing up in Canada there is a lot you learn in school, such as how to make graphs and pie-charts, how to do long division;... and how to do all kinds of other useless shit that you will most likely never use, ever again! Then you become an adult, you kinda figure out dating and relationships, and you have no instruction manual; yet everyone acts like they have one for you! Then you start talking about kids... but the problem is, the information that's out there is very limited and incredibly censored!

Before you even think about having little bangers of your own, take some time and do some research. This is a huge choice that can't be taken back, and the consequences of you not being prepared or wanting a child could result in generational trauma. However, the rewards of being prepared and actively wanting a family is truly remarkable, and whatever decision you choose to make for yourself, I'd like to share all of the good, the bad and the not so in-between!

Join us Tuesday May 26th from 6:30-8:30pm where we will be discussing baby bottles instead of beer bottles, diaper rash cream; corpse paint, car seats, grind, shit, puke and more!

$35 per person

(includes take-home package)


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