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Past Life Regression

Hosted by Hippy & Witchy

Have you ever wondered why you have certain fears or why you are so drawn to certain time periods? Maybe certain cultures stick out to you and you are unsure why. Perhaps you don't feel like you belong here on earth.. and it could be because you have lived as an extraterrestrial.

In this regression session you will be taken back to a life you have lived before. We will adventure into who you were, your family, what you did and where you went after death. You will meet your past family and friends, and bring closure to anything left undone. There will be time for questions after the regression in case any one needs clarification on something.

This guided mediation will be lead by Maddy, an experienced Akashic Records Reader.


Date: Friday, March 22, 2024

Time: 7:00-8:00pm (19:00-20:00)

Price: $33

Cryptocurrency Payment

Tether: 0xAf76b9D8997918701edF65f60326DA87F87e54cB

Ethereum: 0xAf76b9D8997918701edF65f60326DA87F87e54cB

Bitcoin: 37CLHtMyVLkju49FqR6JhX5e61CXmif5v

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