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Psychic Warfare - Psychic Basics & Protection

Hosted by TEA

A beginners guide to psychic with an alternative twist! For those of you who are psychic and live an alternative path...

Baba's brings you a one of a kind class geared towards helping YOU realize your psychic potential!!!

Psychic isn't black and white... it is quite grey;... and through navigation and simple daily activities, know that you can handle whatever comes your way; just with a little extra assistance from the other side!!

This event will cover an introduction to:

*Psychic basics, being an empath and awakening your psychic potential!

*Chakra basics, grounding, cord cutting and aura cleansing and energy protection.

*Receiving messages, tuning in & out, downloads, ear ringing and channeling

*Psychic defense: Psychic protection for you, your loved ones and your space.

*Developing your own language, photo bank and connecting with your guides

*Sacred space, ritual, routine and grids

*Setting boundaries. ending curses, evil eyes, and karma.

*What is a psychic war? What is a psychic attack? Psychic reflection, deflection, counter attacks and reverse attacks

Date: Friday, March 11, 2022

Time: 7:00-9:00pm (19:00-21:00)

Price: $75 per person


- 7 stone Chakra kit

- Selenite wand

- Black tourmaline key chain

- Stick of white sage

- 2 sticks of palo santo

- Paperwork and resources to guide you through your psychic journey!

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