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Summer Solstice Journey with Tarot at Baba's

Hosted by Tea & Viktor

Summer is almost here, and to welcome in the new, we here at Baba's have put together a one-of -a-kind night of Tarot, Divination, Mysticism, Fortunetelling and more to help guide you into the next stages of your journey.

This is an extremely powerful time of transformation... The Summer Solstice is all about nourishment and honouring the light that is within all of us.

Join us from 5-11pm, where we will have some of the best of the best in the OCCULT world with us for one night only, helping you to ignite that light within! Our readers have traveled from far and wide to be with Baba for a unique glimpse into your future... and they will be utilizing their many years of experience and insight to provide a unique reading just for you!


For this one night, we even have special price!!!

quicky reading $25

in-depth readings $50

Readers/Divinators TBA!

Check back for updates.

What does your future hold? Come to Baba's, and let the cards tell... the past, the present and the future... as well!

Pick from 1 of our Card Readers, or pick all for readings! First come first serve. No reservation necessary. Tips welcome.


We operate as an airbnb. If you are from out of town or you simply wish to stay with us, visit the links provided to instantly book your stay.


Cash, credit, DEBIT & cryptocurrency accepted

18+ event

Date: June 21,2022

Time: 5:00-11:00pm (17:00-23:00)

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Cryptocurrency Payment

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