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Tea is an experience! When you book Tea time, you get whatever you need for your greatest good, whether it's a surface reading or a bit more in-depth, you will receive a clear message! She specializes in: fortune-telling, through numerology and intuition; waking people up; deprogramming and reprogramming; finding hope in the face of impossible adversity, and getting people to realize their infinite potential & how to apply it!

She works with: cards, crystals, folklore, philosophy, palmistry, the occvlt, magick and more. She is an empathic energy healer, and an equal opportunist that utilizes both hostile and obedient entities alike. She has been called a Psychic, Shaman, Witch, Numerologist, Occultist, Anarchist and more... book a reading... and you decide.

15 minutes & smudging $44

30 minutes & smudging $71

1 hour & smudging $111

couple reading & smudging $152

book a party(3 hours)$300 (plus extras)

custom art & spirit boards available

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