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The Ritual Of Music

Hosted by Hippy & Witchy

The Ritual Of Music : A unique collaborative night of music, dance and storytelling. Every song has a story behind it, a hidden message that is brought to life by a creative mind to connect to others, release emotion or carry on a memory perhaps.

Experience an intimate music performance brought to you by some of Calgary’s most interesting musicians, coming together to collaborate through song and stories. Get lost in mystery, ghost stories, heartbreak, dance and other dark tales.

We will be beginning and ending our night with captivating performances by BAM (Body Art Motion), opening up the night with dance and magic in rhythms of fire, water, air and earth.

There will be 3 spotlight musicians not only performing together but bringing in the talent of their friends to make every song a new experience. No openers or headliners as we will be constantly switching things up! Our 3 Spotlight Musicians will be Logan Douglas, Josh Dillon, Maddy Stellar. For more about these musicians keep scrolling!

Special Appearances : Acoustic Arson, Zak Keller, Johnny Munro, Arlyss Southin and More TBA!

Josh Dillon : Ghost Stories Of Folklore

Logan Douglas : Dark Tales Of Mythology
Logan Douglas is a Calgary based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who ties traditional folk and blues themes in with modern psychedelic and alt rock musical stylings. His latest solo album ‘Orpheus and the Hands of Hades’ blends folk style storytelling with tales of heartbreak, longing, and rebirth through a lens of both North American and ancient Greek mythology. Douglas performs with other musical projects currently including ‘The Josh Dillon Band’, ‘Dread Naughty’, and ‘Johnny and The Stray Hearts’.
During this event Douglas will be performing mostly songs off of ‘Orpheus’, he will be using new arrangements and styles and will be going in depth to the songs meanings and the stories behind the lyrics and songs.

Maddy Stellar : Nightmares Of The Paranormal
Maddy Stellar is a creature who has spent her whole life being connected to the spirit world and battling dark entities. She is a Singer/Songwriter, Psychic Medium, Healer, Spiritual Coach, Writer and Entertainer. She will be joining us in this adventure to share stories and music she has written over the years about being psychic, paranormal activity, heartbreak, mental illness, and how to overcome abuse, depression and more!


Date: Saturday, May 4, 2024

Time: 6:00-9:30pm (18:00-21:30)

Price: $33 (Tickets are limited to 50)

Each ticket gets you entry to the full performance, complimentary refreshments and snacks.


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