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"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!"

Hello and Welcome, You Witchy Woman YOU!


Do you collect crystals? Do you like to read? Do you garden? Do you collect dead things? Do you like Stevie Nicks? Have you been called a witch? Do you own tarot or oracle cards? Do you make magickal potions? Do you read tea leaves? Are you Romanian? Do you own a witch hat?... Do you regularly wear that witch hat? ...Do you collect hair? Do you talk to dead people? Are you looking for a bunch of weirdos who may or may not be guilty of a few of those things...?!?!

Have you been looking for other people, other women, like you? Are you looking for your tribe? Your group, your friends, your COVEN? Well this may or may not be it! But... At the very least,... we know people who know people, and, we can always point you in the right, or left, direction!

This special event happens once a month at Baba's and is open to any and all women who are looking to get together, to share a moment and to connect... really connect, the way women use to! We will be sharing recipes, favorite books, best spells, and lots of laughs! We will be bitching and stitching, & singing and dancing! We will burn the shit from the ex in the fire pit and cook up tasty goulash afterwards in victory! We will talk about what works at home and what doesn't... we will laugh together, cry together and curse together... anything and everything is possible with a room full of witches!

There will be guest speakers, shared knowledge, tasty treats and more... so get out that crystal ball, pull out the old broom, dust off that pointy hat and fly on down to Witchy Wednesdays at Baba's!!!


-Event is by donation. Share what you can, whether knowledge, a meal, money, skill or service... all is appreciated but not necessary.


-This a women's only group for any woman 18+ who is interested in connecting with their inner witch and other witches in their community.


-We are a place of non-judgement. Any and all paths of the witch are welcome. Any and all Female Muggles are welcome. Just leave your judgement at the door.


-We operate as an airbnb. If you are from out of town or you simply wish to stay with us, visit the links provided to instantly book your stay.


Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Time: 6:00-9:00pm (18:00-21:00)

Price: By Donation

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