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Un-F*ck Yourself - MEN's Social

Hosted by Tea


Baba's Men's group is back!

"Healing is a mater of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity." Hippocrates


MEN... My name is Téa, I am a woman, and I want to talk to you. Before the apocalypse hit we started something and in that breath we continue it...


I know I am going to offend many with what I am about to say, but if you know me, you know that, that, has NEVER, stopped me. So I'm just going to say it.


Men are not allowed to exist in this world. - let that sink in.


Agree or disagree, I want to talk about it. In this world, that we created, at some point, it became the normal, to hate men... especially white men. All I hear is toxic masculinity this and toxic that, but in reality it is the lack of any masculinity that is causing the most harm. At some point, in the push for equality and women's rights, society has gone overboard and has created a new normal where women are god, men are garbage and well divide, divide..............divide!

Myself, I am all for equality, but this, I am NOT okay with this.


I surround myself with men constantly... and for three main reasons:

1- men are left brained and therefore mostly logic based

2- they say exactly what they mean. no bullshit. (most of the time)

3- not very many women listen to metal.

Okay so the third one is not so important, but I like my music.

The point is, I know men, and what has been happening to men. And if it's happening to my friends, well it's happening to men everywhere.


A man is not okay to be a man.

He questions everything.

He tries not to offend, but in this PC world, everything he does offends.

To me, it seems like any man who has manners is viewed as aggressive. To me, a man's not sure if he can be polite, or if he can open doors for fear he is too forward. To me, he's not sure if he should pay for dinner, or make the first call, never mind make the first move. What's "manly", what isn't? What's right, what's wrong? What's just, what isn't?

Something that use to be as simple as a pro-noun, her, him, they, them, it, you... what do you call someone today without offending them? and the list goes on... a man can't even start a group like this for fear that it is anti-feminist.... and man, that's just fucked!


Look, at some point you listened to what society told you it wanted from you as a man. Now you have 10 new ass holes you didn't know you needed; and now;... you need to un-f*ck yourself. Well I offer you a chance to do just that. Agree or disagree, I want to talk and again, I want to talk to you.


So take some time for you. Connect with other men and do something different. Be open. Be honest and be vulnerable. Talk. Vent. Laugh. Cry. Fight. Whatever. Get it out and get rid of it. Face the truth and tear down those walls! Reclaim your power as a man, and NEVER, let it go again. Whatever you are dealing with, suffering through, getting out of, un-f*cking yourself from, I'm here to listen, and more importantly, I'm here to help. If you look between your legs, see a dick and want to talk, this is for you!


Remember, as a child, you were NOT responsible for how you were raised. But as an adult, it is YOUR job to un-f*ck yourself! It starts with you. Take back your power and fuck everyone who stands in your way!


Confidentiality and trust are of utmost importance.

Private Message me if discretion is an issue.


-Fee for un-f*cking yourself: PRICELESS (by donation)


No more excuses.

See you there.


"Don't let your PTSD take you on a ride"...



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Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Time: 6:00-9:00pm (18:00-21:00)

Price: By Donation

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